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Page last modified: 22 June 2016

Per request of Dave Turner, I'm re-posting this list from 2011. It's been a long while since I purged this e-mail list, and quite a few addresses have bounced back undeliverable, for a variety of reasons...if you know the current e-mail for any of the following, would you please contact them or let me know their e-mail address? Thanks!
  • Adcock, Omar
  • Barnes, Bev
  • Bassman, Emily
  • Bean, Kirk
  • Beard, Burna
  • Bishop, Jeanean
  • Brown, Rozan C.
  • Burnett, Tom
  • Cromie, Richard
  • Davis, Anna Marie
  • Davis, Rich
  • Du Clair, Bruce
  • DuPre, Marcia
  • Engle, Loie
  • Frauman, David
  • Garcia, Tom R.
  • Geoffroy, Linda
  • Gok, David
  • Gorman, Steve
  • Grijalva, Daryl
  • Guaydacans, Rick
  • Haggmark, Jim
  • Head,Kathy
  • Herz, Josef
  • Hirschbein, Mike
  • Hopper, Neil
  • Huber, Dave
  • Joseph, Keith
  • Kane, Walter
  • LaBar, Richard
  • Lacey, Joe
  • LaRue, Terry
  • Lindsey, Richard
  • Lodahl, Martin
  • Mackey, Cynthia
  • Meyer, Kanda
  • Moulton, Rube
  • Owen, Ray
  • Rhoades, Dave
  • Rucker, Rod
  • Ruff, Pete
  • Sevilla, Ben F. P.
  • Scott, Don
  • Scott, Laurie Muncy
  • Seymour, Misty
  • Sidon, Jolli
  • Staley, Dale
  • Stockwell, Bob
  • Treat, Karen S.
  • Ussery, Steve
  • Valdez, Maria O.

What a ride! First, we were Pacific Bell, then SBC...and now those who are still with the company are working for AT&T--again! Take it from me, life after The Phone Company is great, and you'll find that the skills you've developed are needed and appreciated in the community. Who knew being able to facilitate a meeting was a rare commodity?

BTW, this page is way obsolete...if you are interested in current information, I might suggest you take a look at the Facebook pages Pacific Bell Alumni or Pac Bell B4Y2K or ROF (Retired Pacific Bell Employees)

What should not change are the strong connections and friendships we have developed with each other over the years. The purpose of this page was to serve as an on line e-mail address book for former and current Pacific Bell/SBC/AT&T colleagues, as we continue our journey into the Land of the Future.

If you are a former or current PacBell, SBC or AT&T employee, and would like to have your name and e-mail address posted on this web page for your PostPac* friends to see, please send the information to me, Margaret Thornberry, at postpac@linkville.com with PostPac* on the subject line. Sending your e-mail address will be considered permission to post, unless you specifically state in the e-mail message that the address is not to be made publicly available...and it's helpful for me to know when/where you worked. Ah, that reminds me...two more things...
  • First of all, this page is a labor of love for me- -I'll be as fast and accurate in my updates as possible, but please be patient!
  • Secondly, although problems are rare, this IS a public Web page, and your e-mail address posted here is available to anyone, world-wide, who has access to the Internet. Use good judgment in responding to e-mail from people you do not know personally-- even if their names are posted here.

Abuan, Connie connieabuan@mac.com

Abuan, John jmabuan@mac.com or jmabuan@msn.com

Abuan, Tony apabuan@pacbell.net

Adair, Robin robadair@sbcglobal.net

Alba, Art ajalba@pacbell.net

Amos, Nate n8amos@pacbell.net

Austin, Leslie - see Smith, Leslie Austin Tinsley

Bailey, Kim kbailey@jkmas.com

Barrett, Tom tjbarrett@gmail.com

Becerra, Edward xprs21@postoffice.pacbell.net

Biedenweg, Larry lgbiede@pacbell.net

Boggs, Donna dlboggs@sbcglobal.net

Boggs, Mike theboggs@sbcglobal.net

Brown, Pat mudgee@pacbell.net

Brown, Paula Pppaulabrown@aol.com

Carlos, Larry miforce@yahoo.com

Clarkson, Jackie jlclark2@pacbell.net

Clapp, Brent - see Reid

Davidson, Sherri sherri5673@yahoo.com

Deal, Roy Roy.Deal@att.com

Delgado, Clara T. ctdelga@pacbell.net

Dowd, Robin rdowd@pacbell.net

Engle, Glen glenn@gengle.com

Flores, Sharon rennnn@pacbell.net

Gabie, Larry llgabie@pacbell.net

Gallegos, Joanne gallegosjoanne@yahoo.com

Gilmore, Suzan suegilmore@sbcglobal.net

Goldberg, Jan jan.goldberg@att.com

Goldberg, Todd todd.goldberg@att.com

Gonzales, Ramelle - camay@conexion.com.gt

Harrison, Chuck ceharri@prodigy.net

Hart, Dan drhart1@pacbell.net

Hawkins, Steve ng0g@mchsi.com

Hickey, Ken hickeyk@wellsfargo.com

Hinkle, Duane dwhinkl@juno.com

Humphrey, Lou Ann - see Stoughton

Ingle, Jacquie jacquiei@cox.net

Kenzler, Karen kkenzler@aol.com

Kragen, Jeff Jeff_Kragen@ml.com

Kusano, Susan mugsthree@hotmail.com

La Bar, Lynda llabar@pacbell.net

LaCorte, Salvatore lacorte7@frontier.com

Larripa, Mark mark_larripa@yahoo.com

Legate, John JohnLegate@gmail.com

Leone, Laurie M (ATTSI) lmleone@caltel.com

Locey, Dave djlocey@pacbell.NET

Manguiat, Ed ed@manguiatconsulting.com

Mankin, Don dlmankin@hotmail.com

Mason, Joseph A. bluemaze72@hotmail.com

Massola, Joan joan.massola@att.com

McEachin, Janis janis@azevedotravel.com

Michael, David 1biguglyguy@gmail.com

Miller, Mindi - see Thornton

Mooney, Errol enmooney@aol.com

Murphy, Frank flmurphy@pacbell.net

Nelson, Mike mike@mpnelson.com

Padaong, Debbie padaong@sbcglobal.net

Pearce, David dap100@aol.com

Prehm, Irene imprehm@pacbell.net

Reid, Brent brentreidis@sbcglobal.net

Ryssemus, Jan jnrysse@Pacbell.net

Salaiz, Rich rsalaiz@pacbell.net

Shanti, Connie conshan@comcast.net

Shawcross, Nancy shawcross@bellsouth.net

Shellhammer, Marty sachi.bella@gmail.com

Shepard, Steven D. - Steve@ShepardComm.com

Skinner, Tom ts1956@sbcglobal.net

Smith, Esther F. - efsmithx@aol.com

Smith, Evy (Boffo Productions) - evy@boffoproductions.com

Spurlock, John john@spurlocks.org

Stoughton, Lou Ann (Humphrey) la.stoughton@comcast.net

Starratt, Steve starratt@pacbell.net

Stern, Diane Diane@ComDirectUSA.com

Stuart, Laura ldstu@surewest.net

Stump, Stan stan@justtravel.net

Thornberry, Larry ltblues@hotmail.com

Thornberry, Margaret mlthorn@linkville.com

Thornton, Mindi mindithornton@yahoo.com

Smith, Leslie Austin Tinsley Leslieas@pacbell.net

New listing! Turner, Dave dmturner@centurylink.net

Waite, Helen hwaite@linkville.com

West, Rick rrwest52@pacbell.net

Wickes, Brad bford@pacbell.net

Weaver, Russell  imaruss@yahoo.com

Welch, Dewey dewelch@pacbell.net

Zallar, Kerry kerry@testingstuff.com

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